Interview de Kai, créateur de Starstyling


Design, fashion, paris, fashion-week, mode, fashion-pfw, starstyling, Blogger, mode

Design, fashion, paris, fashion-week, mode, fashion-pfw, starstyling, Blogger, mode
Kai Seifried and Katja Schlegel
1° -  About you, introduce your self to the french readers.

We are Starstyling !
We make special fashion, unseen, colorful and with strong character
check us out here

2° - Why did you choose Berlin and not Paris (or Milan, London, NY) ?

We are from south germany originally - we wanted to move on to a big city and berlin was the next, finally also the coolest, no ?!

3° - What are the origins of your brand ? How did the project come about ?

We worked as "stylist" and "art department", an agent forced us to make up a company name so he could sell our first products ;  handmade super colorful material mix unique bracelets
that´s how it started.

The name was inspired by a pizzabox from "Starpizza" so we made it "Starstyling".

4° - Can you please present us your new collection. And what does it represent ? What are your sources of inspiration ?

"AGRO POLIS" (Aggressive City),  this time the "genius" for the A/W 13-14 collection was indeed "Berlin", our City with all his faces.
Starstyling as a brand has been there since 2003, so it´s kind of a 10 year breakdown - check this !
Shapes : from head to toe - unisex, men and women, as usual the full range out of the starstyling universe, for example  waterproof textured wool-like fabric, blue and pink wool garments + all the cool basics with re-sized sequins, dashed with metallics and glittering foil prints.

Inspiration is everywhere !

Design, fashion, starstyling, Blogger, modeDesign, fashion, starstyling, Blogger, mode

5° - What song represents best your collection ?

Boiler room mixes.

6° - Who would you like you to see wearing your collection ?

Good people !

7° - What are your breaking news ? And what do you expect from the future ?

Starstyling´s line at Gallery Lafayette Beijing.

More peace, love and happiness !

8° -  Who is your hero(es) in fashion ?
Why ?

Good dressed people on the streets who manage to give us a fresh view without being
too much.

Because !

9° - What is your motto in fashion ?

Love it or leave it !

10° - What is the accessory and garment, every woman has to possess in her guarding dress ?

Depends ;)

11° - What is your favorite french word ?

Enchanté !

12° -
What do you like to say in french, to our readers ?

C'était très divertissant !

Thanks so much Kai for your time and your good mood !

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